As we delve into the colder months of 2023-2024, we’re excited to bring you an exclusive look at the rich and varied programming from our esteemed channels, including Show Turk, TV8int, and Kanal 7 Avrupa. This season, our catalogue is brimming with compelling narratives, heartwarming dramas, and thrilling adventures that promise to captivate audiences across Europe. From the ongoing success of beloved series to the introduction of new, gripping dramas and reality shows, we have carefully curated a selection that reflects the diverse tastes of our viewers. Join us as we explore these enthralling additions to our winter lineup, perfect for cozy nights in or engaging conversation starters.
Show Turk has unveiled an impressive roster for its Winter 2023-2024 season, featuring a mix of returning hits and exciting new series.

·       “Arak” weaves a complex narrative, set against the backdrop of a tragic event in 1998. It follows the intertwined lives of two families, leading to a Robin Hood-like figure and a journalist seeking the truth, with a stellar cast.
·       “Ne Gemiler Yaktım” is a poignant drama about two mothers from different walks of life whose paths cross in a fateful encounter, changing their lives forever.
·       “Sandık Kokusu” explores the emotional journey of Karsu, a woman in a turbulent marriage, as she endeavors to reconnect with her missing son in a tale of resilience and familial bonds.

 introduces a diverse array of programming, ranging from reality TV to heartfelt dramas.

·       “Survivor 2024 All Star” is set to dazzle audiences with its latest edition, featuring a compelling cast and adventurous challenges.
·       “Aşka Düşman” delves into the complexities of love and the human condition, portrayed through the lives of Uygar and Inci, who struggle with their past traumas and societal expectations.
·       “Cevap Ver Türkiye” offers an engaging quiz show format, blending entertainment with general knowledge, hosted by the dynamic duo Berfu and Eser Yenenler.

Kanal 7 Avrupa
 is about to bring forward intriguing new dramas.

·       “Rüzgarlı Tepe” is a prime-time drama that narrates the gripping tale of Zeynep and Halil, two young individuals caught in a web of revenge and family feuds.
·       “Gelin” remains shrouded in mystery, with its cast revealed but details on production still under wraps.
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