In the vibrant landscape of global entertainment, Turkish series have emerged as an undeniable force, captivating audiences far beyond their native borders. A recent report by The Economist, backed by data from Parrot Analytics, highlights the astronomical 184% surge in global demand for Turkish series from 2020 to 2023—a stark contrast to the 73% increase for Korean dramas.

This surge is not just about numbers; it’s a testament to the universal appeal of Turkish storytelling, exemplified by the newfound popularity of “Gaddar,” starring the beloved Çağatay Ulusoy. Showcases the intricate world of crime and justice, while “Bahar” offers an uplifting tale of a woman learning to stand on her own, rediscovering herself, and seizing a second chance in life. These series exemplify the diversity and depth of Turkish storytelling, from thrilling narratives to heartfelt journeys of personal transformation. Previously, “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (Magnificent Century) paved the way for Turkish dramas on the international stage, but “Gaddar” has taken the torch, charming viewers with its compelling narrative and striking visuals.
The global fascination with Turkish series is a reflection of their universal themes and high production values. Countries like Spain, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have become major importers of this content, drawn to the lavish costumes, stunning landscapes, and charismatic actors. The Economist points out that these dramas offer a fresh perspective by portraying Muslims in diverse roles, steering clear of the stereotypical terrorist or taxi driver figures often seen in Hollywood productions.
The cultural impact of Turkish series extends beyond mere entertainment. As noted by Kültür ve Turizm Bakan Yardımcısı Batuhan Mumcu, Turkish dramas are broadcast in over 170 countries, reaching approximately 750 million people worldwide. This wide reach has placed Turkey among the top five global exporters in the drama industry, significantly contributing to the global understanding and appreciation of Turkish culture.
The Berlin International Film Festival, or Berlinale, has further showcased the global standing of Turkish cinema, with Turkey’s participation underscoring the country’s growing influence in the international film market. Mumcu’s commitment to promoting Turkish series and cinema on a global scale, including plans for a “Dizi ve TV İçerik Fuarı” (Series and TV Content Fair) in Istanbul by 2025, underscores the strategic importance of cultural exports in Turkey’s global outreach.
The ascension of the Turkish series on the global stage is a clear indicator of the universal appeal of storytelling, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers. For viewers seeking to dive into the rich tapestry of Turkish drama, an expansive world awaits, offering stories of love, intrigue, and adventure. Whether you are new to Turkish content or a seasoned fan, there is no better time to explore the captivating narratives that have enchanted millions worldwide. For more information and access to the best of Turkish entertainment, feel free to reach out to us.
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