As autumn leaves start to fall, the television industry congregates under the overcast skies of Cannes. Despite the prevailing clouds, there’s an undeniable spotlight shining brightly on Turkish dramas, illuminating their unparalleled narratives and captivating characters. As the world becomes more interconnected, the art of storytelling knows no borders, and Turkish television series are a testament to that. Dive into our curated list of standout series from the Turkish TV & VOD landscape:

1. Kızılcık Şerbeti “One Love” (Show Turk)

In its riveting second season, “Kızılcık Şerbeti” offers a tale of love that bridges the gap between two polarized families. Two extreme perspectives, same core values. After premiering its second season, it broke records, surpassing a 10 rating with its October 13th episode. Produced by Gold Film and represented globally as “One Love” by Global Agency, Show Turk’s exclusive retransmission rights await at Medit’s portfolio.

2. Esaret “Redemption” (Kanal 7 Avrupa)
“Esaret” remains the talk of the town in daily drama, having made a stellar comeback on Kanal 7 Avrupa for its second season. Amidst shadows and enigma, love faces its toughest challenges. Dive into Orhun and Hira’s entangled destiny, with the series represented by Eccho Rights globally.

3. Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi “Another Chance” (Show Turk)

Ankara’s once notorious Sadi Payaslı starts afresh as a geography teacher at Karabayır High School. There, he uncovers unexpected connections, faces remnants of his past, and grapples with newfound affections, especially from the tenacious policewoman, Songül, and a heart-tugging reunion with his former love, Derya. Produced by BKM and brought to the global stage by Inter Medya at MIPCOM, this captivating series consistently ranked #1 in its airtime ratings.

4. Bambaşka Biri “Another Love” (FOX TV)

A murder investigation leads Kenan, a renowned anchorman, and Leyla, an ambitious prosecutor, into a whirlwind of emotion and startling revelations. Their love story unfolds against a backdrop of secrets and suspense. Showcased on FOX TV’s prime-time, this TIMS&B Production comes to MIPCOM via Global Agency.

5. Aile “The Family” (Show Turk)

Meet the Soykan family, where tradition meets love and chaos. Can psychologist Devin mend the broken threads of this family while navigating her budding relationship with Aslan? This season, experience a tale produced by Ay Yapım, brought to MIPCOM by MADD Entertainment.

6. Çekiç ve Gül: Behzat Ç. “Hammer and Rose” (BluTV)

From the streets of Ankara, experience a gripping crime narrative adapted from the “Behzat Ç.” novel series. With a past that refuses to stay buried, seasoned officer Behzat faces challenges like never before. BluTV is set to air its second season, introduced at MIPCOM by Atlas Tei.

7. Şahsiyet “Persona” (GAİN)

Retired clerk Agâh’s tranquil life masks a thirst for vengeance. But as Detective Nevra steps into the fray, mysteries unfold. After a captivating first season, GAİN is gearing up for its sequel. With Haluk Bilginer’s Emmy-winning performance, this Ay Yapım production stands tall, represented by MADD Entertainment.

8. Yarım Kalan Aşklar “Interrupted” (BluTV)

Reborn in a new body after a tragic demise, journalist Ozan unravels the mystery of his untimely end alongside his determined girlfriend, Elif. In this intriguing miniseries, love and mystery intertwine, creating a poignant tapestry of emotion and revelation. “Interrupted” is a tale expertly woven, premiered on BluTV first and globally represented by Inter Medya.

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