Turkish series have gained significant attention not only in Turkey but also worldwide. With a wide range of genres encompassing drama, love, and action, Turkish series have earned their place among the best shows globally. Turkey has become the second-largest exporter of TV series after the United States, with countries like Britain, France, and Germany following suit. The popularity of Turkish series extends to over 650 million viewers in more than 140 countries.

Turkish series typically have extended episodes lasting between 90 and 120 minutes per week. However, to address demands and enhance quality, some series have reduced episode duration to one hour, addressing concerns raised by industry employees regarding the pace of work. The aim of producing Turkish series is to reach a broad audience within a short timeframe. Turkey’s rich history of producing TV series and movies, including those originating from the Yesilcam era, has contributed to the widespread popularity of Turkish TV series within the country.

Turkish series have not only found success on Turkish channels but have also been exported to various regions across the globe. These series have reached audiences in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. The global interest in Turkish TV series continues to grow, with fans from different parts of the world becoming devoted followers. Many viewers abroad have expressed how they are influenced by the values portrayed in Turkish TV series, particularly the depiction of Turkish culture and strong family ties.
Cultural affinity and social similarities play a significant role in the popularity of Turkish TV series in specific countries. People in regions influenced by Turkish culture enjoy watching series that reflect their familiar cultural background. Technological advancements have also contributed to the popularity of Turkish series. The use of lighter and more modern cameras, evolving shooting and editing techniques, and advancements in sound and music production have enhanced the technical quality of these shows.

The Turkish TV series industry has experienced rapid growth and widespread popularity. Turkish series are loved and watched in countries that share Turkish culture, customs, and perspectives on life. Due to their historical and cultural ties with Turkey, countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon constitute the majority of Turkish TV series viewers in the Middle East, while Greece, Bulgaria etc. countries in the Balkans, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and Serbia are also passionate viewers of Turkish TV series. However, the appeal of Turkish series extends beyond geographical proximity or common history and customs. For example, South America and Southern Asia have embraced Turkish dramas due to shared perspectives on life and family values. Additionally, countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania have also shown great interest in Turkish TV series.

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