Rams Turkey Group has announced its acquisition of GAIN, a digital broadcasting platform established with 100% local investment. GAIN has been operating since December 2020, and the acquisition marks Rams Global’s first venture into the media sector.
Gözde Akpınar, the founder of GAIN, shared her thoughts on the development, expressing that the vision for the platform had always been to create a brand that would expand from Turkey to the global market. Despite intense competition from global giants in the sector, she emphasized the strong bond formed with audiences through the support of the platform’s team and partners. Akpınar will continue to serve as the board’s chairman until June 1 and is reassured that the team members who contributed significantly to GAIN’s success will continue to be part of the journey.

Rams Global CEO Faruk Bülbül outlined the company’s future goals, highlighting the growth potential in streaming platforms globally and in Turkey. With the investment in GAIN, Rams Global aims to become a significant player in the industry. By leveraging its resources in countries such as Turkey, Kazakhstan, Germany, Russia, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, the company plans to collaborate on joint productions, enriching GAIN’s content and taking a Turkish media company to the international market, ultimately creating a global brand.
This article was originally published on Webrazzi with the title “Dijital yayın platformu GAİN, Rams Türkiye Grubu tarafından satın alındı” by Arden Papuççiyan on April 24th, 2022. You can access the original article here.