Turkish TV market has been moving during the summer time.

According to TIAK June 2022 statistics, almost all TV networks encountered small drops in their share, except TV8 and Kanal 7. In June, ATV managed to keep its leader position in Turkish TV market, yet lost 0,7% of its share.

TV8 has gained its top share since September 2020. The network has got 8,9% share in June 2022, similar to its performance 18 months ago, resulted as 9,0%. The increase in TV8’s share is most likely due to the network’s successful show Survivor All-Star’s 2022 edition.


In July, ATV has lost almost half of its audience, which led to losing #1 chair to the closest competitor, TV8Kanal D and Show TV has got second and third position while losing their audience in small percentages.


August statistics points to the fact that TV8 performed better than all of its competitors. The success of famous competitive cooking show Masterchef Türkiye has led to the network’s #1 position in August as well. Show TV has grabbed the #2 spot from Kanal D, performing better compared to the network’s June performance by its most recent series and entertainment programs.

The new season of Turkish televisions has begun in the early days of September and the competition amongst the channels is still worth keeping an eye on, since all of the networks started launching long awaited series and new projects.

You can access to the TIAK statistics here.