Due to latest statements of Warner Bros Discovery spokesperson, it has been confirmed that HBO Max cancelled all of its productions in Turkey, the Netherlands, Central Europe and Nordics.

According to Variety’s coverage, the succeeding platform restructred its SVOD streaming priorities and will not produce originals in Turkey, the Netherlands, Central Europe and Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland) for HBO Max.

The Warner Bros Discovery spokesperson declares that the platform carries its interest in these territories and the company will keep on producing local content for Discovery’s linear channels. The localised content from HBO Max’s library will also be removed, to be licenced to other platforms in these territories.

Despite succeeding globally, the company aims to lower costs due to adverse economic developments across the world.

This article is originally published on Marketing Türkiye with the title of “İddia resmileşti: HBO Max’in Türkiye serüveni başlamadan bitti” in July 4th, 2022 by Seda Başpınar. You can access the original article here.