Flash TV, which started broadcasting in October 2021 under the patronage of businessman Ömer Ziya Göktuğ, experienced crisis after crisis.

Shortly after the launch of the channel with its new logo and fresh programming, Mehmet Emin Göktuğ, brother of the channel owner Ömer Ziya Göktuğ, declared that he owned 50% share of the channel and he would bring the case to the court.

The network declared that the partners had a disagreement after the death of Ömer Ziya Göktuğ, and the broadcasting was terminated, since the national broadcasting license could not be renewed.

As a trustee was appointed on March 16th, Flash TV announced that it ended its broadcasting life as of April 15, and there was a remarkable change in the channel. As of 00.00 on April 16th, the channel’s name is replaced from Flash TV to Flash Haber TV.


This article was originally published on Medyatava on April 16th, 2022 with the title of “Flash TV kapandı, Flash Haber TV geldi”. You can access the article here.