The year long competition between VoD players in 2021 resulted in BluTV’s favor. JustWatch’s researchs lays it all on the ground.

According to JustWatch’s 2021 Q4 research, BluTV leads the SVoD market with a 42% sharewith 2% increase compared to the last quarter, yet 90% of the market is shared by top three players.

While Amazon Prime Video manages to grow its subscriber base by 1%, from 18% to 19%, with a competitive price & more integrated services, BluTV has an exclusive original series catalog and live TV offer for their main audience. Netflix’s share has dropped from 32% to 29%; yet it should also be noted that Netflix’s user number is larger than its subscribers, as the platform offers simultaneous viewing up to 4 different users.

Since 2019, operators had to obtain their broadcaster and transmission licenses from RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council) in order to operate a VoD platform in Turkey.

  • The online broadcaster license fee is 133.750 TL (approx. € 12.000) for 10 years + %0.5 of subscriber/TVoD revenue per year.
  • The transmission approval license fee costs 133.750 TL (approx. € 12.000) + %0.5 of subscriber/TVoD revenue. This license is required to be renewed each year.

With more and more players coming in, Acun Ilıcalı, owner of TV8, also launched his own SVoD service “Exxen“, exclusively offering UEFA and Champions League matches.

Disney+ and HBOmax have been announcing their top-level hirings and their expansion plan for Turkey, along with many other countries in 2022. Two weeks ago, Disney+ declared through their social media accounts, that their platform will be active by the end of 2022. Both platforms have begun the acquisitions of their original content to premiere, and signing contracts with Turkish stars. Acquiring its 10-year operating licence as a VOD service from RTÜK on December 31st, 2021, Disney+ has announced their launch date in Turkey as June, 14th with a monthly fee of 34,99 TL.

As Netflix releases whole seasons of new series, Turkish VoD services have a different take on the scheduling, as they release an episode each week to prevent abuse on a 7-day trial and increase audience retention through other content they offer.

This article is originally published on Donanım Haber with the title of “Netflix Türkiye’de 2021’i pazar kaybıyla, BluTV ise artışla kapattı” in February 8th, 2022 by Özgür Eroğlu. You can access the original article here.