Turkish content market has proven itself with the “dizi”s success all around the world, and Turkey couldn’t agree more than any other country. With the pandemic bringing an increase to TV viewership across the world, average TV viewership per day resulted higher than 50% in Turkey, compared to the average viewership of the countries taking place in the research.

According to Eurodata TV Worldwide research, Turkey topped daily TV viewership per person by 4h 33m in 2020. The average viewership of 91 countries was calculated as 2h 54m, and the European average was 3h 54m.

Countries with top viewership are listed as Romania (5h 45m), Serbia (5h 40m), and Bosnia & Herzegovina (5h 30m). The lowest figures are from Iceland (1h 16m), Norway (1h 47m), and Sweden (2h 07m).

As the pandemic brought about an increase in TV viewership, series have become the top performers for networks by a wide margin. Kids’ content, news, and entertainment followed after.

The research has taken place in TIAK’s TV viewership evaluation report of 2020. You can access to the report here.