7 of the 8 packages put out to tender for the broadcasting rights of the Super League found their owners. 

The companies participating in the tender process opened by the Turkish Football Federation for the 2022-2023 and following seasons submitted their offers for various broadcast packages.

Package Contents
  • Package 1-A (238 weekend matches), 
  • 1-B (68 weekend matches), 
  • 1-C (36 weekday matches), 
  • 1- D (live broadcast of Premier League matches with summaries and Super League summaries), 
  • 1- E (summaries on digital platforms), 
  • 1-F (live broadcast of Super League matches on the radio), 
  • Package 2 (live broadcast of Super League matches on betting platforms), 
  • Package 3 (low resolution live broadcast of Super League and Premier League matches on the Internet TV and GSM networks) and 
  • Package 4 (all packages)

At the meeting organized by the Broadcasting Tender Commission on February 28, it was announced that a bid of TL+VAT (approx. 170 million $) by the current broadcaster Digiturk for Package 4, which covers all packages, was not accepted.

The Commision announced that it rejected the only bid that was submitted for Package 1-A by Digiturk, which includes 238 matches to be played over the weekend in the next season, as the offered amount of 810 million liras (55 million 100 thousand dollars) fell short of expectations and due to problems experienced with Digiturk in the past seasons. Then, the broadcasting rights were awarded to Saran Media Group (5 packages) and TRT (2 packages), which had placed the second highest bids for the packages under the broadcasting rights deal.

Saran Media Group signed the necessary contract for Packages 1-B (amounting to 324 million liras – 22 million dollars), 1-C (30 million 375 thousand liras – 2 million 60 thousand dollars), 1-E (16 million 200 thousand liras – 1 million 100 thousand $), 2 and 3 (12 million dollars) and forwarded it to the TFF on March 11, 2022.

TRT, on the other hand, announced that it has forwarded the contracts signed for 1-D (amounting to 190 million 400 thousand liras – 13 million dollars) and 1-F (4 million 80 thousand liras – 280 thousand dollars) to the TFF. Later, the broadcaster decided to retract their offer.

After TRT’s backing out, Saran Group announced that the company is willing to make the agreement for package 1-D, due to the transfer of rights.

TFF will have a meeting on April 4th with beIN Media Group and Turkish Football Clubs Association. It is expected to extend the current broadcasting agreement for another year and beIN is expected to raise its offer.

What happened? 

After TFF found beIN Media Group’s bid for the most comprehensive package, 1-A, to be too low, the Commission announced the cancellation of the tender to conduct a new study on 1-A in the following days. Digiturk made the highest bid for the other 7 packages with a total of 1 billion 295 million liras (88 million dollars). Although the Commission gave Digiturk a week to sign the contracts, the current broadcaster did not sign the broadcast deal because its offer was not accepted despite having bid the highest amount for all the packages.

(1 $ = 14,7 TL)

This article was originally published on Medyaradar with the title of “TFF yayın ihalesinde Digiturk ile anlaşamadı! İşte diğer teklifler” on March 7th, 2022. You can access the article here.