Cansu Canan Özgen, the host of BluTV’s hard-talk program “40”, directed her questions to all of Turkey on International Women’s Day on March 8th. 

The program “40”, which was previously broadcast on various television channels, has been broadcasting on BluTV since the new year.

Cansu Canan Özgen, the show’s host, once again drew attention to the problems faced by women living in Turkey in BluTV’s March 8 social media post for Women’s Day. The post, which raised a wide range of questions affecting all of Turkey, such as why the Istanbul Convention was left, who committed the murders of women with unknown perpetrators and why, the good indicators of behavior and unfair provocation discounts in violence against women and femicide trials, reached up to 400,000 views in one week.

Unfortunately, the cases of violence against women and femicide continue to increase with each passing year in Turkey.

This article was originally published on Medyatava on March 8th, 2022 with the title of “8 Mart için çarpıcı paylaşım: Türkiye kadınlarını neden koruyamıyor?”. You can access the article here.