As Medit Media, we are glad to get together with our partners and observe the latest developments in global TV market at 59th MIPTV this spring.

As in the last year’s MIPCOM event, we can say that the general attendance and number of exhibitors were under expectations. The common opinion that adapting to post-pandemic conditions was not that easy for every company, and global financial recession may have played a key part in the decision fatigue for market attendance.

Out of the ordinary, MIPTV made the decision to collaborate with Canneseries event. By that, TV networks, producers and screenwriters have come together in accordance with their activities, since co-production have become emerging, to collaborate on producing TV drama and movies.

Despite serving for traditional media, MIPTV have taken e-sports, Metaverse and NFT (non-fungible tokens) in the agenda. As media executives having the chance to meet with a new audience through e-sports, new possible revenue streams through collaborations between conventional media and e-sports has been in the discussions as well. Metaverse was another unusual topic carried out through MIPTV sessions, which is believed to shape the future of TV viewership.

NFT was also taken into consideration, which could be a more secure method of content licencing, while Blockchain allows automation of revenue share between multiple right holders of the content.

After the MIPCOM in last October, we believe that all the participants enjoyed the benefits of MIPTV. Networking and availability for face-to-face communication keeps adding value to our business, helping us to discover new potentials and opportunities.

We are looking forward to meeting with you at the upcoming MIPCOM, where the pandemic effect is expected to fade, and more attendance anticipated for the upcoming market.

Did you miss the chance to meet with us at the market? Feel free to reach out through for your enquiries!